Bellwood Coffee

Services: Brand Identity, Packaging, Merchandise, Brand Maintenance
Bellwood Coffee is a roastery and cafe in Atlanta that focuses on quality and service above all else. Made by friends, and enjoyed by friends.

I was tasked by the Bellwood Boys to create a brand identity that reconciles their love for being outside with the honest fact that their business lives and breathes in the buzzing city limits of Atlanta, tens of miles from the nearest campsite. The result was an identity that managed to bring Bellwood's outdoor essence ... well, indoors. Combine a classic brand reminiscent of car camping and old dog-eared camping maps with cheeky, nostalgic kitsch and you've hit Bellwood on the head. But don't be deceived by their boyish charm and grainy photos: the quality of their coffee is hard to beat anywhere in the South.

Working with Bellwood I conducted a brand workshop that revealed the personality and values behind their brand. These results allowed me to create a full brand identity package that included: primary and secondary logos, brand typography, color palette, packaging design, web design, merchandise, and more.