Services: Custom patterns and illustrations for stores and merchandise
Cinnabon. Because Life Needs Frosting.

When Cinnabon first approached me, their hope was to sweeten the walls of their in-store experience with a custom-designed wallpaper that could be adapted to different store locations across the country. I searched for ways to incorporate Cinnabon’s playful brand voice while including motifs of a good old fashioned bakery. After all, Cinnabon uses only real ingredients and creates each cinnamon roll from scratch.

The result was an illustrated pattern full of witty, hand-drawn typography and bakery-related iconography. It was designed to be modular, so Cinnabon's team was able to personalize elements of the pattern to more closely align with each store’s individual culture and repurpose the pattern for merchandise opportunities.

Photos courtesy of Cinnabon
Apron photo courtesy of Robert Daniel
Three initial concepts were presented to the client for this project. Below are the two iterations that didn't make the cut.