Services: Brand refresh, Brand Pattern, Iconography, Animation, etc.
Vert is a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency in Atlanta.

During my time as an employee at Vert (or 'Vertbag', as we liked to refer to ourselves), one of my major projects was to refresh the agency's internal brand. We were an award-winning agency with high-profile international clients, and we needed an identity that reflected it. Myself, along with a small team of Vertbags, set out to re-write Vert's brand by figuring out a way to capture the agency's personality and what it's like to work with them.

For my part, I was able to help in a few key ways by reframing Vert's visual identity. In the end, I had created several new secondary logos, animations, a full set of icons, and an illustrated brand pattern that depicts a different element of Vert's personality or services. We even reconsidered Vert's color palette: instead of a dull green over dark backgrounds, we introduced a new, invigorated primary green that sits on top of clean, light backgrounds.